How many points did we get?

I tried to have them assign the points over to house sparklypoo but the people wouldn't. :( So wondered how many points people earned and thus how many points did Sparklypoo actually earn? (Which would have then adjusted the house standings). I earned 125pts (but they got put to Lumien).

Who is going to Prophecy?

Sparklypoo and Re-enactments...

Okay so we have only a few days. Are there any 'specific' re-enactments that people would like to do at PR? With Movie 5 around the corner and Book 7 here are my ideas...Feel free to vollenter for any characters.

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I also plan to have some stickers printed out of the 'sparklypoo' logo. Which we can then stick on ourselves and others, as we convert them to House Sparklypoo at the convention. If we can get the badger bitches to join in, that would be good. House Awsome is joining up with us. Basically we are trying to bring about unity vs division into a bunch of made up houses. Or atleast we can 'sell' it that way.

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Since the majority of the people I want to hang out with at Phoenix Rising are part of this group, I figured I would post here... Any word on re-inactments? Death Eater gatherings to crash concerts, etc? Or just in general, what days people are whereing which costumes/time periods, etc...?

Pheonix Rising

I wonder/hope people are still up for house Sparkly Poo! I know I am. I keep reading on other house forums about people finding ways to score house points for their houses, and I'm so going to put any points I score to house Sparkly Poo. I hope others will do the same. With the small numbers I am not sure we can win the house cup, but I know we could get enough points that they would have to recoginize us as a house by the end of the weekend/event. All my friends are in this house. I'm also giggling about how some of the houses are getting all 'pirate' themed. What's more pirate then a rouge house winning points.

House Sparklypoo

House Sparklypoo,

The other houses are finally getting active, so maybe we should to. Show them the power that is those who decide what house they are in, vs those who simply accept their sortings.

Anyone have plans for chaos at PR? Any Quidditch teams out there that would like to be in support of Sparklypoo vs one of the other houses?



There is a Myspace created as well by 'Snapes on a Plane'. I don't have the link...

And people need to get their friends to join in this house as well. One of the reasons I also prefer Sparklypoo to the other houses is that I don't want to compete with my friends. Sure for muggles it's a way to make new friends, and get into the HP spirit to be sorted, but if they are making up houses, why didn't they just go along with the 'standard' four we know and love? I don't mind competing when it's Gryphindor vs Slytherin, it's in the books and we have fun with it (because then we 'slash' them to), but when the houses have no real meaning, it feels like it's just people vs people or friend vs friend. They are gearing people up for a real rivalry with no basis of anything. Nothing to blame the rivalry on so people don't take it personal. (Okay I've thought to much about this...)

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House you were sorted into: Lumien

Why you don't belong in that house and why you do belong in Sparklypoo: I'm SOOOOOO not about being in the limelight, thus I do not make a very good Lumien. Additionally, I played Mary Sue Potter (long lost twin sister of Harry) when I was cursed with a silencing spell (lost my voice). Since I have been cursed into silence at every convention thus far, I dare say I'll be cursed Mary Sue Potter once again. So as the official cursed Mary Sue Potter from Lumos, I re-sort myself into Sparklypoo!
Hired by a Demon cover

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House sorted into: Zodico
Level of Musical Talent: -5 (Yes, my friends go so far as to complain...regularly)

I still say I fit perfectly fine with everyone in Zodico since out of the 6 I know in the House, only one of them claims to musical talent. So, rather than petitioning them to change the House description... *Re-sorts self to the Sparklypoo House of Costuming division*
Captain Hook

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Here's Lord__Voldemort and me displaying the Sparklypoo secret handshake.

If you really must know, we were riding the Unicorn coaster at Universal's Islands of Adventure. An extremely SPARKLYPOO ride. Spooky loves it!
Sea Serpents

I love you Sparklypoo

House you were sorted into: Pontalbon
Level of Artistic Talent: .025
Why you don't belong in that house and why you do belong in Sparklypoo: I cannot draw. I'm sufficient in my writing. I've been training in voice for over half my life, almost nine years, and I think I more than deserve to be in Zodico or at least Lumien for the acting portion of the opera. I cannot draw. If you do not wnat to recognize my talent I will go and join Sparklypoo! Thank you very much. Hidden talent my ass. 9 years of voice is not equivalent to a super-secret hidden talent in drawing. As Twinkie I think my trait should be servitude or home ec or something of the like.